Monday, December 6, 2010

Jay-Z to open 40/40 Club in select airports

Between penning stories of his life and working on a collaborative record with Kanye West, Jay-Z is aiming to open his infamous sports bar, the 40/40 Club, in a few new locations: airports.
The artist, who turned 41 on December 4, announced earlier this week that he’s launched a partnership with Delaware North Companies to bring his sports-themed concept to select airports across the country.
The original 40/40 Club is a multi-level sports bar that first opened in 2003 on 25th street in Manhattan. It features five VIP rooms, more than 30 LCD TVs and four 12 by 12 dual-sided projector screens on top of plenty of sports memorabilia. (If you've yet to visit and are interested in going, don't plan a trip between April and July of next year; the venue is expected to shut down and undergo a complete renovation.)

A press release for the partnership explains that the idea of these airport lounges is to offer an “elite, modern sports bar” where travelers can catch a game.
“From the personalized, one-of-a-kind jerseys on the wall, to every sports game you can think of on the television screens, the club will bring a new experience that we are sure travelers will welcome,” said Delaware North’s Vice President of Business Development, Robert Stanton, in the statement.
So if you’ve ever been in an airport and thought to yourself, “man, I’d love to have a drink and catch a game before I board this plane,” hopefully one day soon, you can thank Jay-Z for making that wish come true.

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